Converting your Thunderbird files into PST was never so easy

Thunderbird and Outlook are amongst the leaders of industry when it comes to email service providers. But the default files of both the mail services are incompatible with each other so they need to be converted. So, to use your email data you need to convert Thunderbird emails to PST.


You now know the need to convert Thunderbird email to PST, but it is not easy as it sounds. Email conversion is a very complex problem and involves many layers of technicalities.

Manually attempting to convert Thunderbird files to PST may not end up with desired result and may also cause more problems.

Using a third-party converter tool is the way to go for the conversion process. And there is no better than USL Software’s Mail Extractor Pro.

Mail Extractor Pro is an email tools from USL SOftware to convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX to PST for Mac & Win Outlook.

convert thunderbird files to pst

The tool is the ultimate solution to go for when you convert Thunderbird emails to PST.

The tool offers everything. From control to precision to versatility, the tool offers all.

The accuracy of the tool is unmatchable. No other Thunderbird to PST Converter in the market offers such precision and accuracy.

It converts each and everything present in your input file. The tool extracts, converts and stores it into the PST file whilst leaving nothing behind. You won’t experience any kinds of bugs or errors during the conversion process.

Convert Thunderbird files to PST Accurately

The tool creates a copy of the data present in your input file. Even the folder hierarchy of the input file is retained by the tool. This makes the navigation through the output file very easy.

You won’t face any surprises while going through the output file produced.

The tool does this all with extreme caution and safety. Your data is kept completely safe while during the process to convert thunderbird Export to PST.

convert thunderbird to pst

The tool follows modern approaches like conversion of Unicode data to ensure safe and secure conversion of the data present in your input file.

Unicode data is formed up buy the non-English stuff present in your input file. This non-English data is a bit different, so its conversion is also a little bit tricky.

Many Thunderbird to PST converters fail at this very step. This results in an incomplete conversion process.

Having an incomplete conversion process may also have repercussions on your input data. It may also end up getting damaged.

But Mail Extractor Pro takes special care of this by converting your Unicode content. This provides you a complete, safe and secure conversion process.

All this can be controlled with the help of an intelligently designed interface. This interface helps a lot when it comes to get through with the conversion process easily.

The interface offers informative wizards and dialog boxes that help the user through the conversion process. It is of great help especially for the very beginners.

converting thunderbird to pst

Download it to convert Thunderbird files to PST

Download the trial version of the tool from the website to get used to the tool before moving onto the premium version. For any help or queries there is a 24*7 helpline available at your disposal.

So, download the trial version today to convert Thunderbird files to PST.

How to Open OST file in Outlook 2019 (Mac & Windows)

How many times have you tried and failed to open an OST file in Outlook 2019? Lost count, right?

Well the problem with this approach is the incompatibility of an OST with Outlook. Any OST file cannot be directly opened using Outlook. So what to do??

How to Open OST file in Outlook 2019?

Simple and straight forward solution, convert the OST file into PST. If the words like OST and PST sound alien to you, then not to worry this article will answer your every query.

OST Files

OST stand for Offline Storage Table. Outlook, by default, downloads a file on your hard drive, If not already present, whenever you login into the server. This file contains all your email data and you can manipulate, manage and synchronize all of your data from the comfort of your home without wasting even a single byte of your data pack. But the problem with OST is that to reflect your hard work done on the desktop, onto the server it needs to be converted into PST file.

PST File

PST or Personal Storage Table is the “first born” file of Outlook. It is compatible with Outlook for importing directly. But to do the conversion of OST into PST is the hurdle you have to cross.

Don’t try to convert an OST file manually into PST, it will do more harm than good, it may end up corrupting your valuable data.

There could be any data inside your OST file ranging from your personal info to the sensitive data about the next big plan of your company. The risk is very high. Data in today’s world is very precious and losing it may land you into big trouble.

Best Way to Open OST file in Outlook 2019

So, USL software came up with the ultimate solution for this tricky conversion process. OST EXTRACTOR PRO is the top of the line tool made by USL software which helps you in converting your important data laden OST file with safety and accuracy.

open ost file in outlook 2019

OST EXTRACTOR PRO provides the user with an intuitive user interface which aids the user in every way possible. It hides all the complex functionalities that may overwhelm the first time users.

If you don’t even have a clue about the tool still, you can operate it.

OST EXTRACTOR PRO is an inter platform tool, i.e. the same tool can be used for the conversion process on both MAC and Windows.

The accuracy level that OST EXTRACTOR PRO provides is one of kind in the market. It guarantees the user a 100% successful conversion rate for a file. It converts all the data in your OST file into PST, even the metadata is converted.

how to open ost file in outlook 2019

The algorithms that are used and implemented by OST EXTRACTOR PRO are the latest and most efficient out there. This makes the conversion a quick and easy process.

The tool can also convert the OST file into different other file formats as per the users choice, like Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX, and EML files.

Get it to Open OST file in Outlook 2019

So the summary of the story is that OST cannot be opened directly into Outlook 2019 and the best tool out there for this is OST EXTRACTOR PRO.  Go and download the FREE trial today and get going.

Get it today and open file in Outlook 2019 for Mac or Windows without any hassle.

OST Extractor Pro – the most valuable OST conversion tool!

If you have been ranting your head looking up for a quick and efficient solution to defuse the corrupt and damaged OST files, you have come to the right place. We all know how Offline Storage Table (OST) stores mailbox offline and are primarily stored in computer hard drive. These files are highly susceptible to errors. Therefore, it is not unusual to find this database lost or damaged.

OST Extractor Pro – the best ost converter tool

OST Extractor Pro is a tool designed by USL software to avert this very situation. Outlook OST is a fragile component of Outlook and its format can be easily corrupted by any virus or malware attack. OST Extractor Pro helps you recover, import, convert and restore OST files to PST.

ost extractor pro

Recovering data from within OST files and outputting it into PST is the most frequently used function of “OST Extractor Pro.” But it’s not all. Depending on your needs, you can also recover data and convert it into other more generic and standard formats, like: MBOX file, EML file, and or Apple Mail Archive, Thunderbird, Postbox.

ost extractor

With “OST Extractor Pro,” you can manually set the limit for how large do you want your PST files to be. If the database you are recovery is big, the tool automatically creates multiple PST files but limited by the size you specify. So, you will never get into trouble when you need to get your PST files imported to Outlook.

Accurate, Safe & Fast Conversion

OST Extractor Pro” doesn’t compromise with the data safety, speed, and other performance issues when dealing with either large OST files, even during batch processing. It runs a special dedicated logic targeted OST framework that enhances data-flow during recovery and conversion. That makes it the fastest tool for the job. It can handle files with a lightning fast speed. Under regular conditions, you could get as fast as 1 GB within ten minutes. Thanks to the modern algorithms that do not deal with unnecessary jumps and gaps in data processing.

Support OST file all sources

The program is so efficient and level headed it doesn’t even discriminate against the source of the file. It supports Outlook versions from 97 to 2017, Office 365 Outlook subscriptions, ANSI OST file or Exchange 5.0 to 2017 editions. The similar character applies to the output PST files that are deduced by the OST Extractor Pro. These can be effortlessly imported into any installation Mac or Windows.

Support Unicode Contents

Only OST Extractor Pro has the perfect charting of the folders that keeps the hierarchy perfect. It doesn’t misplace or modify any folder at all, so you get your data exactly identical to your original version.  The tool also supports all major languages and will never damage the text inside your emails. It supports Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, along with other languages.

The best feature of OST Extractor Pro is that it is more than a mere file converter. It is a complete package with zero loose ends. It is suitable for all kinds of OST to PST conversion projects – whether they are small scaled home-based projects or larger projects that cover a mighty database at the industrial level.

Download the setup of ‘OST Extractor Pro’ using the link below.

Get it here:

OST Extractor Pro available for both Mac & Windows. Download according to your needs.

Convert Apple Mail to Thunderbird Mac & Windows

Convert Apple Mail to Thunderbird can be simple and quick given you have proper set of tools. A good conversion solution will give you precise output without any data integrity errors.

Now you don’t have to look for that fully complete solution because we have found one for you. It’s called “Mail Extractor Max“.

Convert Apple Mail to Thunderbird

The best feature of “Mail Extractor Max” that is usually not offered by other similar tools. It does not need you to manually select EMLX files or MBOX files for conversion into Thunderbird. It can directly target the profile database folder of Apple Mail. You can choose either the primary profile folder or any backup folder you might have in any location.

Convert Apple Mail to Thunderbird

This allows it to have much better accuracy over the fidelity of converted data. The tool doesn’t miss any item or minute detail the database of Apple Mail might contain. Whereas, with generic conversion solutions, which often asks users to manually convert EMLX or MBOX files, you would find severe data integrity loss.

Another important aspect of the tool is its interface. Any user can start using it right away and intuitively understand what the steps are and how to implement all the features it has to offer. A first timer user always have difficulties navigating the interface of generic file converters and they need to first go through a long tutorial in order to understand how any of it works. No more with “Mail Extractor Max“.

Key Features

Here are few more features of “Mail Extractor Max“. You will find make it much better suitable for Apple Mail to Thunderbird than any other techniques/applications available today:

  • On top of targeting the source of data called “Profile”. It also allows to choose any backup database folder you may want to convert to Thunderbird.
  • It has an option to ignore all empty folders and exclude them from conversion in a single click.
  • You can see all the folders and their hierarchy inside the selected database folder and can exclude/remove any folders you don’t want to convert.
  • The tool not merely converts Apple Mail to Thunderbird but to other formats as well, such as, Outlook 2011 for Mac, Postbox, EML files, and standard MBOX files.
  • The full version (available through several licenses) is complete on its own and allows unlimited conversion. Unlike other tools that are based on subscription model, which is not effective for email migration needs, this one comes with a one time payment.
  • There is around the clock tech support available to help you anytime you require any type of assistance, whether you are facing some problems during migration or whether you have just a few queries.

Apple Mail to Thunderbird

Try it to Convert Apple Mail to Thunderbird

You can try it here: The trial mode works for ten items inside each folder of your selected database; other than that, there’s no restriction from trying out anything else it has to offer. You can use it for unlimited period of time and get fully confident with its potential and worth before getting a paid license for activation.

Get it today to convert Apple Mail to Thunderbird, Entourage, MBOX, EML etc.

OST to PST Conversion Tool (Mac & Windows)

OST to PST Conversion is an uncharted territory for now. The process is actually carried out in Outlook by MS Exchange server, that too behind the scenes. And since, no other alternative has been provided by Microsoft, the process becomes non-decodable when MS Exchange server is unavailable.

Therefore, you need to read this article. After reading this article, you will have known what OST to PST Conversion is all about, how to execute this task, and what method you should choose. Keep reading.


OST format stores the mailbox content offline. From your mails to calendars to tasks and drafts, everything is available offline for you to use. With these offline files, you can make any changes or improvement to your database, and will not have to wait to get to the office and be online to make those changes.

Once, your system is online MS Exchange server syncs these OST files with PST format, and imports them in Outlook. This helps in keeping your database up to date, and you can immediately send those files you improved to anyone you desire.

Because Outlook works directly with PST, this synchronization of two formats is essential. The only drawback of this whole process is that there is no alternative to MS Exchange server in the process. And when it is not available to synchronize OST with PST, customers face serious problems.

Therefore, you have to choose an alternative to MS Exchange server. Many people opt for manual procedures to convert OST to PST. That is a big mistake. Not only this process is extremely tedious, but it also poses great threats to your data.

One should rather go for a tool to carry out this task. A professional tool will not only make the task easy but will also give a professional touch to the whole process. You will be anle to use your files in the new format, and successfully enjoy your work.

The tool we highly recommend is OST Extractor Pro by USL software.

OST to PST Conversion


Well, OST Extractor Pro is a product of USL software which is known for its email conversion tools. The company has earned a huge reputation in this field. SO, there you have the certification of reliability for OST Extractor Pro.

OST Extractor Pro has the capability to extract your OST files from any format and convert them to any format you desire. The tool also provides you the option to set the size limit for the converted OST database in advance. It also preserves the folder arrangement so that customers do not have any problem in finding their files after conversion.

OST to PST Conversion Tool

OST Extractor Pro has been meticulously designed. It has internalized the anatomy of modern mails. From nested mails to embedded images, modern mails can have multiple small elements present in it which can be hard to decode. However, the meticulous planning of OST Extractor Pro empowers it to convert modern mails with all its small elements easily.

USL software has extreme faith in the capabilities of its tool. Therefore, it has provided a free trial version of the tool for customers to satisfy themselves with. Download it right now and get started with OST to PST Conversion.